Welcome to Linear Audio, your tech audio resource! Volume 2 is our third issue in the series of technical audio bookzines. Vol 2 packs 180 pages of articles ranging from very high quality tube amps, minimalistic I/V converters, transimpedance stages, speaker correction, controlled listening, book reviews and more. Authors include Nelson Pass, Stuart Yaniger, Castor-Perry, Moers, Groner and others. And still no ads! Enjoy! 

Articles in this Volume:

The C70 KT-88 Vacuum Tube Stereo Amplifier
Bob Cordell


IThe C70 KT-88 Vacuum Tube Stereo Amplifier, Bob Cordell shows he is equally well versed in tube technology as he is in solid state design. This amplifier uses solid state devices in the regulated power supplies and cathode current sources, to produce a 35wpc amplifier that embodies the best of both worlds. Specs are impeccable, and if reactions at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest sessions are anything to go by, so is musical performance. Bob also identified a modern output transformer for this design so it can also be used for a great construction project.


The Class i output stage
Kendall Castor-Perry

In this article, Kendall presents a solid state unity-gain power output stage that has very low distortion and for which the biasing current can be set without the need for adjustments and without the need for thermal tracking or compensation techniques. The design is also very unsensitive to device parameters which gives predictable performance from a wide selection of power devices. Working in class AB, the crossover distortion is very low, even in open loop, making possible very linear open loop output stages.

Testing One, Two, Three..
Stuart Yaniger

Stuart Yaniger bravely opens Pandora's Box and makes the case for controlled listening tests. Documenting cases that show unintended and unconcious communications between listening session particpants, the unescapable conclusion is that you can trust your ears and your ears only. He presents several ways to organise these subjective yet controlled sessions, without taking the fun out of listening. Case studies of actual listening tests show that small and subtle changes in your system can be reliably and confidently detected by listening alone.

SIT Nemesis!
Nelson Pass

In Linear Audio Vol 0, Nelson Pass paid tribute to the classical single-ended transformer-coupled triode amplifier with the Arch Nemesis. Inspired by Jean Hiraga's Nemesis, Nelson enlisted a Silicon-Carbide power device to produce a very simple design with great musical performance. 
Not one to rest on his laurels, Mr. Pass had a batch of custom-designed Static Induction Transistors manufactured. The Pass SIT1 improved the SiC based Arch Nemesis design another notch. SIT1 is not available commercially but Nelson predicts that similar devices will soon enter the market. Such a device, together with a suitable output tranformer, will form a nice construction project. Watch this space as well as www.passdiy.com !

A New Amplifier Topology With Push-Pull Transimpedance Stage
Samuel Groner

In this article Samuel reviews existing transimpedance stage configurations, and then introduces an amplifier topology which uses a novel push-pull transimpedance topology. Compared to known standard amplifier configurations, the new circuit offers a substantial improvement in power supply rejection. Furthermore secondary slew rate limits are addressed, and sensitivity to loading from the output buffer is reduced. This makes this amplifier architecture particularly suitable for high quality audio power  amplifier designs. Experimental results using model amplifiers are presented.
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