Most years I spend several weeks in the US in the fall, to attend Burning Amp, Roccky Mountain Audio Fest and the AES convention. Sadly, this year Burning Amp will not happen and in their infinite wisdom, the powers-that-be scheduled RMAF and the AES convention at the same weekend...

So I had to make a choice and of course I will be attending RMAF from 10-12 October 2014.

So, if you are there, look me up for a chat - I'm in booth 14 in the lobby, just behind the registration counter.

Of course I will have the latest Linear Audio Volumes, and I will also have free audioXpress magazines and offers. See you there!


It's that time of year again: Oct always sees me in the US to meet lost of old friends, authors and make new ones! And it's audio that binds us.

First, on 6 October, will be Burning Amp in San Francisco at Fort Mason on the bay. I will have something to show & demo this year! A Smyth A8 Realiser driving a Stax headphone. A truly revolutionary device! But also looking forward to see and hear many excellent diy creations, as always!


The weekend after that I'll be at the 10th Rocky Mountain Audio Fest in Denver. I will be sharing a booth with Elektor International media, the new owners of audioXpress, and they will have some pleasant surprises in store for readers, so please stop by for a chat! We'll be in the lobby. And yes, I'll bring the Realiser along as well.







To make it a round trio, the weekend after THAT (actually 17-20 October) there's the 135th AES convention in New York. Again I will share a booth with EIM and that occasion will also be the launch of the new, revamped and enlarged audioXpress!


So whichever show you'll go this year do make a point of stopping by for a chat, I'd love to get to know you and hear any comments or suggestions you might have for Linear Audio and related stuff. See you soon!


It is with sadness that I must report that Edward T. Dell Jr. passed away 25 February 2013, just a few weeks after his 90st birthday.

Ed Dell founded The Audio Amateur in 1970 as a quarterly audio diy magazine. After a continuous growth to a large circulation as a monthly mag, Ed added two sister magazines in the 90ies, namely Glass Audio and Speaker Builder. After the turn of the century, forced by increased overhead and mailing costs, all publications were absorbed in the newly-named AudioXpress, follwed by an online version joining the continued printed version.

Throughout the years, Ed had maintained friendly and professional ties to the Netherlands-based Elektor diy electronics magazine. Elektor USA acquired Audio Amateur Inc. in 2011, allowing Ed to - reluctantly - retire at age 88.

I published my first article in TAA in 1974 or 75, and Ed has always be a mentor and motivator for me to develop my writing skills. His encouragement and trust ultimately led to my own publishing adventure with Linear Audio. Besides a mentor, Ed became a personal friend and I will miss him dearly.


Jan Didden



I'm getting ready for the European Triode Festival, to be held in Berlin, Germany on the weekend of 22 to 25 November.

After attending for several years, this time I decided to take a complete system with me, to demo to the participants. Thanks to my friend Leo who provided his large van, I can transport my speaker system and amplifiers. Not strictly triode-powered, but hopefully with Bob Cordell's power amp from his Vol 2 article. Exciting and scary!


I had a great Rocky Mountain Audio Fest, meeting lots of interesting and friendly audio afficionado's in The Mile High City. Had Bob Cordell's VinylTrak on display, which generated a lot of interest. Next weekend, 26 to 29 October 2012, I will be at the San Francisco AES convention, again sharing a booth with Elektor USA and AudioXpress, and again having VinylTrak on display.

During the same weekend the Burning Amp Festival will be held at SF's Fort Mason, on Sunday the 28th. So I will probably exchange the AES for BAF at that day.

If you are at either of those events, please make sure to pass by my little stand for a chat! I really enjoy meeting you and chatting about audio and related stuff, and I also will have a limited number of Linear Audio bookzines available.


Its that time of the year again! Am packing my bags to fly to Denver for the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest.

This year we will have a nice diy-audio corner in the Lobby (booth 15), behind the check-in counter. We will have stuff from Elektor USA, AudioXpress and of course my own Linear Audio. Bob Cordell will be there too showing his VinylTrak phono/preamp. Be sure to look us up for a chat or serious diy stuff - you're all welcome! See you in the Marriott Denver Tech Center, we'll be there the whole show!



Linear Audio's Jan Didden at TubeSociety
Menno Vanderveen, the recognised tube and transformer design authority has created TubeSociety, an organisation dedicated to study technical audio issues, specifically related to tube equipment and transformer design.
I am honored to be invited by TubeSociety to speak a full day about feedback, error correction and related issues in audio design.
If you are interested to attend this interactive event on 12 May, sign up through This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Further details at

Linear Audio goes to Budapest!

altThe European spring convention of the AES (the 132nd) will be held in Budapest, Hungary, end of April.
Linear Audio will have a stand to present our publications - Linear Audio Vol 0, 1, 2 and the new Vol 3, as well as the 'Baxandall & Self on Audio' Collected Papers. Come and see me, to get copies or just to chat!

Linear Audio presence at US tech audio shows
It's getting closer to the time of the tech audio shows in the US! I'm gearing up to attend several shows. First is the Burning Amp Festival in SF on October 1st. Lectures by Nelson Pass and Douglas Self, loudspeaker demos by Siegfried Linkwitz and, the main part, lots of diy equipment displays and listening. Sponsors include audioXpress. Don't miss it!

altThen 2 weeks later, it's off to Denver for the Rocky Mountain Audio Show. I'll share a table with Bob Cordell in the lobby. This is a great show for me as it combines technical presentations and discussions as well of great equipment auditions in company listening rooms. 



The 3rd event is the 131st Convention of the Audio Engineering Society in NY. The AES conventions always have a great program of presentations and workshops on anything from perception to audio electronics and recording workshops to speaker design and more. I'll be there with Bob Cordell on the McGrawHill booth. Look us up for a chat!
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