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Articles in this Volume:

The Arch Nemesis
Nelson Pass

Nelson Pass' designs invariably give excellent sound quality from a simple, class-A based design. The large idle dissipation in such designs has always been accepted as worthwhile for the performance. With the Arch Nemesis, Nelson pays tribute to the classical single-ended triode amp, but replaces vacuum state with silicon carbide, delivering another great design that is simple and high-quality, with good efficiency.

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From the editors desk
Jan Didden
altWhy would anyone in his right mind start an audio publication in this time and age? Well, its like this....

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Book review
Andy Bryner
altAndy reviews Douglas Selfs' latest book, "Small-signal Audio Design", and likes what he reads.

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Taming the split-load inverter
Stuart Yaniger

altDespite its extreme simplicity, the split load phase inverter is capable of stellar performance. It is also a highly misunderstood circuit, and these misunderstandings have led to some less-than-optimal design. In this article, we review the basics of its operation, derive the basic equations, and outline its advantages and disadvantages. Several versions of the circuit are built and characterized, including some dubious variations often recommended to "fix" non-existent (but commonly believed) problems. Output impedance, load tolerance, and distortion are examined.


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Project 21, part I: the satellites
Jean-Claude Gaertner

altProject 21 is an extensive project consisting of a satellite two-way with a bass enclosure. All drivers are driven actively through a DSP-based crossover. Four-channel level controls are used at each speaker location, which are RF-remote controlled. This is a joint project from Jean-Claude Gaertner and Jan Didden. In Part I Jean-Claude discusses the design considerations and prototype measurements of the satellites. He shows extensive measurement results on the chosen drivers as well as the completed satellite, response simulations and satellite construction details.
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