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Effective tip mass for record replay cartridges

Follwing the publication of Volume 10 which contained several articles concerning record replay, John Jones send author Hannes Allmaier and yours truly a long list of effective tip mass data for many well-known cartridges. I reproduce the list here, with thanks to John!

Any additional data would be quite welcome!

6.000mg ELAC STS-200 (1958, first stereo MM pickup?? 4-6g VTF)
6.000mg GE VR-II (1955, mono, variable reluctance, 4-7g VTF)
4.500mg Sonotone 9T (1960, stereo, ceramic)
3.000mg Philips GP316 (1958, crystal, mono, 5-7g VTF)
1.400mg Philips GP380/GP390 (1968, high fidelity ceramic cartridge)
1.200mg Shure V15 first generation (MM)
1.000mg Ortofon SPU (all classic and 'mono' models)
0.970mg Shure "bi-radial" (0.4x0.7mil, MM)
0.800mg (less than) Philips GP400, 401 1st gen (MM)
0.750mg Ortofon X1-MCP (p-mount, high output MC)
0.600mg Nagaoka JT-555 (pseudo "carbon fiber" cantilever)
0.600mg (less than) Philips GP412 1st gen (MM)
0.500mg Ortofon OM10 stylus (bushed elliptical, MI)
0.500mg Philips GP922 (high end MC)
0.450mg Shure V15-II (MM)
0.400mg Ortofon OM20 stylus (nude elliptical, MI)
0.700mg Ortofon X5-MC (HOMC, nude FG)
0.370mg Shure Elliptical (0.2x0.7mil, MM)
0.330mg Shure bi-radial on V15-III (MM) (berillium control rod)
0.300mg Ortofon OM30 stylus (nude Fine Line), OM40 (nude FG), MI
0.290mg Technics EPC-P202C (p-mount, MM, boron cant)
0.290mg Shure HE on V15-IV (MM) ("telescopic shank")
0.270mg Denon DL-301 (MC)
0.250mg Denon DL-207 (MC)
0.240mg Van den Hul Colibri (MC)
0.230mg Technics EPC-P310MC (p-mount, MC, boron cant)
0.230mg Technics EPC-100CMK2 (MM, boron pipe)
0.220mg Ortofon Jubilee (MC)
0.200mg Empire 2000-Z (shielded moving iron, stylus 0.2 mil x 0.7 mil diamond)
0.180mg Denon DL-303 (MC)
0.170mg Shure Micro-Ridge (0.15x3.00mil, MM, beryllium cant)
0.168mg Denon DL-305
0.149mg Technics EPC-(P)205CMK3 (MM, boron pipe)
0.139mg Technics EPC-P310MC2 (MC, boron pipe)
0.109mg Technics EPC-(P)205CMK4 (0.2x0.7mil, MM, boron pipe)
0.098mg Technics EPC-100CMK3 (MM, boron pipe)
0.077mg Denon DL1000 (MC, boron cant.)
0.055mg Technics EPC-(P)100CMK4 (MM, boron pipe cant.)