Linear Audio USB stick

Now available as a fully searchable PDF collection – the Linear Audio USB stick!

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Linear Audio USB stick


Welcome at  Linear Audio! This site offers a wealth of technical audio and acoustics information in various forms.

First of all there are all the technical articles in the 14 Linear Audio Volumes. You can peruse all content here in the Volumes menu. All Volumes are available at, just search on Linear Audio. Then there's the USB stick that holds all 14 of them as searchable PDFs, with additional not previous published material. These are available at the in the USA and from in Europe and worldwide.

If you just want a single article, send me $ 2.90 through and I will send you the article PDF.

Finally - I am still looking for technical articles that we can publish at Give me a shout when you have an article or even just an idea for one, and we'll take it from there.

Be sure to also look through My Ramblings, My Projects and the Download sections - chances are you'll find what you've been looking for!

Happy reading, happy building, happy listening!


Jan Didden